Barletta Pontoons are the most luxurious pontoons on the market, with amazing standard features that you won’t find elsewhere and quality workmanship that is unrivaled.

During the summer of 2017, Barletta Pontoons was born with the idea that the marine industry was ready for a shakeup. The owners knew that in order to succeed they had to make a better boat, but they also understood (and still do!) the importance of what the Barletta brand would represent as a business, to its customers. For that reason, Barletta remains a consumer-focused manufacturer, built by boating enthusiasts for boating enthusiasts.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What makes Barletta Pontoon different
  • What standard features does Barletta include that sets them apart from the competition
  • The construction that goes into Barletta pontoons
  • How Barletta Pontoons perform on the water
  • What the different models are that Barletta offers

What makes Barletta Pontoons different

Their commitment to simple, yet refined products that don’t overwhelm you with dozens of choices keep your boat buying experience fun and exciting instead of inducing stress and anxiety. With the most standard amenities in the industry and the perfect amount of choices to personalize your boat, our hand-picked network of the most experienced dealers in the world will make your Barletta purchase a breeze.

Barletta’s dedication to quality and construction is shown through their Limited Lifetime Structural warranty and 10-year (5+5) Bow-to-Stern warranty. Their construction phase consists of a robust quality-control process, and prior to shipment to the dealer, their pontoon boats go through an additional third-party, independent comprehensive White Glove Pre-Delivery Inspection. This ensures that every Barletta Pontoon is of incredibly high quality.

“How can I make our customer’s experience better?” is Barletta’s customer service mantra. They make sure to work with every dealer and customer hand-in-hand to ensure that you never miss time out of the water due to a parts or warranty issue. Life happens, and Barletta understands that. You will appreciate their commitment to honesty and integrity.

What standard features does Barletta include that sets them apart from the competition?

Barletta Pontoons have been designed with an enjoyable experience in mind, from options, to purchase, to on-water use, you will find that Barletta has made every step easy and as stress-free as possible. Features that you find as extra on other manufacturers’ boats come standard with Barletta; in fact, Barletta Pontoons have the most standard amenities in the industry!

  1. Underdeck structure – their Heavy Duty Combination Crossmembers and Vibration Isolation Pad (VIP) technology is one of the strongest in the industry. This isn’t even a choice with Barletta: you get the ultimate in safety and security while ensuring a smooth ride for you, your family, and friends.
  2. EZ Fill Fuel Station – Centrally-located fuel station allows for an easy fill-up from either side via hose or gas can. No more hanging over the rails of your boat and no more struggling to prevent fuel spills.
  3. YETI-ready cup holders – You can’t deny the impressiveness of YETI cups. They are perfect for the outdoors, and even better on a boat. Our cupholders are large and deep, designed to securely hold 20 and 30ox tumblers.
  4. Pet bowls – Let’s not forget about our favorite furry family members – we offer integrated pet food and water dishes conveniently located in the helm. Removable for cleaning!
  5. Ultra-soft marine vinyl – The absolutely most comfortable furniture in the industry featuring our ultra-soft marine vinyl. Six different stunning furniture packaged in each model class.
  6. USB Ports/Hertz Stereo – Charge up to 10 devices at the same time with USB ports in EVERY bench and at the helm! Our L-Class pontoon boats are equipped with an ultra-premium Hertz stereo system. 
  7. Cooler/Anchor Storage – Our YETI-ready Cool/Anchor storage is an industry first! It is perfectly designed for the YETI Hopper Flip 18 soft cooler and it is equipped with its own bilge pump so that you don’t have to worry about standing water.
  8. EZ Entry Stern Ladder – Designed so that you can easily, comfortably, and safely enter and exit the water, our stern ladder has a wider base, wide steps, and is ergonomically correct.

The construction that goes into Barletta pontoons

Barletta prides itself on building the best pontoon boats on the market. Their hand-picked production team has a reputation for quality craftsmanship that will ensure your Barletta Pontoon will perform and function at the highest level possible for years to come.

Starting with the pontoons themselves, Barletta uses .090 aluminum, which is chambered and features heavy-duty baffled, extra aft structural support, nosecone, and full-length solid extruded keels. These are structurally among the strongest tubes in the industry.

Oversized C-Channels in combination with Box/I-Beam cross-members created a platform that is built for high performance and a quiet ride. And with the VIP technology, you and your family will enjoy years of issue-free enjoyment on the water.

Some of the construction features and techniques that you will find on all Barletta Pontoons are:

  • Extra-long Heavy Duty M-Brackets & Risers
  • Extra thick full-length F-Channel
  • Hybrid Crossmember Box/I-Beam
  • Oversized C-Channels
  • 7-ply Marine-grade Plywood
  • Heavy-duty coated deck fasteners
  • Extended Motor Pod
  • .090 Gauge Aluminum Tubes

How Barletta Pontoons perform on the water

Riding on a Barletta Pontoon is unlike any other pontoon boat. Utilizing their Vibration Isolation Pad (VIP) technology – which provides a filler where the cross-members are mounted to the risers – a Barletta Pontoon is designed to eliminate the rattle and vibration that you may find on other pontoon boats where the metals are fastened together.

Barletta performance is helped by these features:

  1. Full-Length Wave Tamers – Extruded spray fins – one on each side of toons – help knock down the spray as you glide through the waves. What does make it through the fins won’t get past the wave tamers, offering a smoother, drier ride.
  2. Full-Length Keel Strips – Life happens and when it does, the Barletta Keel Strips are prepared to protect the bottom of your tubes.
  3. Lifting Strakes – Barletta’s unique, two-stage lifting strakes will help get you to the water quickly and help get you in and out of corners.
  4. Full Belly Skin – This is a standard feature on all Barletta Pontoons and offers two advantages: protects the underdeck structure from water and the elements, and it prevents water from splashing against the cross-members, which can negatively impact your pontoons’ performance.
  5. Extended Motor Pod – The most important feature of the Extended Po is the performance enhancement by providing cleaner water management for the propeller. Besides that, it also eliminates the need for engine tile restrictors as our engine cowlings will not hit our tube-tow bar.
  6. Heavy Duty Nosecones – In continuing Barletta’s commitment to performance, their nosecones will slice through even the roughest of chop with relative ease. Shorter nosecones provide more surface area which allows for increased water displacement.

What are the different models are that Barletta Pontoons offer?

Even though Barletta leads the industry with standard amenities, there are still plenty of options and uses when it comes to the different models offered. There really is no wrong answer when it comes to “What kind of Barletta Pontoon should I buy?” All Barletta share the common ideas of quality, comfort, and performance, all at different price points.

Barletta Pontoons L-Class

The most luxurious pontoon boat on the market, the L-Class pontoon will provide you with performance, longevity, and the greatest in comforts. It checks off all of the boxes that you are looking for in a pontoon boat. The L-Class comes in sixteen different floor plans to choose from, including the all-new bar floor plan.

Barletta Pontoons Corsa

Looking for something a little bit more sporty? The all-new Corsa line offers sleek exterior lines with a muscle-car feel, chrome badging, and the best helm in its class. That doesn’t even include the interior furniture which features three interior accent colors, creating an upgraded experience at an unbelievable price.

Barletta Pontoons C-Class

This perfect entry-level pontoon boat does not hold back on the features. Built with the same philosophy as all Barletta Pontoons, it has the same fit and finish, innovation, performance, and superior construction that Barletta is known for. With Cast-n-Cruise fishing models, Ultra Entertainer, and other classic Barletta models, there is something for everyone when it comes to the C-Class models.

Barletta Pontoons are the most luxurious pontoons on the market

Here at Sheltered Cove Marina, we are proud and excited to be an authorized partner with Barletta Pontoons. Their company goals and mission statement align with ours: to provide exceptional customer service. Barletta engineers were determined to take both performance and appearance into consideration when designing their pontoons, and it shows. Barletta Pontoons are the most luxurious pontoons on the planet, providing the quietest, smoothest, and most comfortable ride on the water.

If you are looking for a new pontoon boat, visit Sheltered Cove Marina in Tuckerton where we stock a full lineup of Barletta Pontoons.