Mercury Extended Warranty

While both Yamaha and Mercury Outboards are clean running, and very reliable, many customers have expressed a desire for a longer warranty on their engines. Right now while your boat is still “NEW” Sheltered Cove Marina has discounted Extended Warranty Pricing in effect for your Outboard Engine. The Benefits of an extended warranty are:

  1. Peace of mind your investment is covered for an extended period of time
  2. Higher resale values when the boat is traded or sold with a warranty
  3. Transferrable- Extended Warranties are transferable to new owners
  4. Guaranteed original equipment replacement parts
  5. Haul out, if required can be covered by Mercury Platinum
  6. No Third-Party- all warranties are covered by the manufacturer and paid to the servicing dealer.
  7. Up to 8 years for Mercury and 6 Years for Yamaha- All non-declining warranties.
  8. One repair could cost more than the warranty cost.
  9. Purchasing now is the least expensive option for adding coverage.