Pre-order your boat today for next year to SAVE MONEY and guarantee delivery next Spring.

Pre-Order your boat today!

Waiting until next year is too late! We are already taking orders for boats for next spring, and anticipate a boat shortage NEXT YEAR as well, just like this year!

If you pre-order your boat today, you will save money and guarantee delivery for next year!

This year has been unprecedented for new and used boat sales. With decreased inventory due to supply chain demands and material shortages, finding a new boat is increasingly becoming almost impossible. Top dollar is being paid for used boats also, as a result.

If you are considering purchasing a new boat next year,
YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST PRE-ORDER NOW in order to guarantee a Spring delivery for next year.

Do not make the same mistake of waiting to purchase a boat.
Do not miss your chance to purchase a new boat, like this year.

  • Next year is too late. Boats will already be gone
  • Next year will have a short supply also
  • Refundable deposit
  • Beat the price increase!
  • Customize your colors and options
  • Guarantee Spring 2022 delivery!

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