Sylvan Saltwater Pontoon boats are unlike any of the competition: they are the ONLY Heavy Duty Saltwater boats on the market, and we have them here at Sheltered Cove Marina in Tuckerton, NJ. Others claim to be saltwater, but it more than putting a sticker on the side of the boat. To be Saltwater capable, which means many years of lasting performance and boating means the boats must have the following of which Sylvan is the only builder to offer standard:

.100 thick pontoons which are chambered.  The others all have .080, the thinner aluminum all will fail on impact with debris in the water, or severe use in rough water, these thinner pontoon are simply not heavy enough to handle years of handing choppy salt water found in our bays, rivers, and inlets.
The connection from the floor to the cross braces are all through-bolted, not just screwed, like others.  The screws can’t stay tight with the stresses put on the other boats.  This will lead to the floor separating from the deck.
The connection between the pontoons and deck bracing is made on 4 points from the bow to stern on all Sylvan HD Salt water boats.  Other simply use 4 points at the transom, then sometimes go to a single point of contact through the boat.  This leads to high degrees of side to side flexing of the entire deck.
The cross braces on the sylvan are all “ Heavy Hat Construction” which is the industry’s heaviest duty connection system.  All others use a standard C Channell, or Z Channell, neither of which give near the structural integrity of the Heavy Hat.
All Sylvan HD Salt Water boats use .250 thick Heavy Hats, other use much thinner material.
Sylvan puts salter water anodes on ALL pontoons and motor wells.  This ensures that the maximum protection to Salt water is given.  Other just put a single zinc on one pontoon, or 2 pontoons, this simply is less than enough protection.
Heavy Duty Rub Rails are standard on all Sylvan HD salt Water Boats, other either have this optional or do not offer.  Without rub rails the boat will be damaged when docking in any type of water that has wave or currents.
All Cross bracing is spaced on 16” centers, this gives excellent structural support to the boat. Other put the cross bracing on 24” centers.  Think of your home, all studs are on 16” why would you settle for 24” on center for your boat.
Sylvan Hd Salt Water boats all have the largest and thickest motor pods.  This is the point where the motor mounts to the boat.  Sylvan uses over 20 Stainless steel bolts to secure this pod, other use far fewer bolts.

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