Friends of Sheltered Cove Marina

I hope that everyone is having a fun and healthy summer. For Sheltered Cove Marina it has been a season of extremes.

In Late March the state of New Jersey pretty much shut down the ability of most of our friends to go boating. Also, new boaters weren’t able to connect with us for the upcoming season. In other words, it was very slow.

Once the waterways re-opened in early May, we saw the complete opposite reaction happened. Sheltered Cove Marina has experienced the busiest months in our 21-year history. Sales of new, used and brokerage boats have been off the charts as people realize that boating is one of the safest activities to do in this environment. Boating has saved the summer for many families!

As a result of this, the industry and Sheltered Cove Marina are experiencing a shortage of pre-owned boats. We wanted to reach out to those of you who are considering selling their boats, at this time the market and the return on investments are impressive. If you would like to have us sell it for you directly or thinking about trading it in for a new Regal, Barletta, Sylvan, SeaFox, Bentley, or the new KenCraft Models,  the values you’ll receive for your boat are the highest we’ve seen. We wanted to make everyone aware of this unique opportunity.

Boating really is one of the activities you can do safely with your family and friends during these strange times.

Lastly, if you are considering a boat for next season the manufacturers have been hit with the same demand we have. If a consideration, please reach out to us, we can spec out the next boat of your dreams, receive all the “off-season” rebates and be guaranteed to receive it in the spring. Even better you don’t have to pay for it until next spring.
Hope everyone has a great season out on the water!