Although gas prices are at their lowest in a long time and filling up the boat’s tank won’t be as painful, every dollar saved is a dollar earned, that you could use to buy boating and fishing gear.

Besides, improved fuel efficiency means fewer trips to the fuel dock and reduced emissions. Here are our top 6 tips to increase your boat’s fuel efficiency.

Keep Your Boat’s Weight in Check

The heavier your boat, the lower it will sit in the water, which increases the drag and as a result fuel consumption.

Periodically, inspect your boat’s console and compartments to get rid of unnecessary stuff. This could substantially lighten up the load, improving your mileage.

Increase Fuel Efficiency by Keeping the Bottom Clean

Marine growth accumulates quickly when the boat stays in the water, and that addition on the bottom can increase drag, affecting fuel efficiency.

Marine growth is something that stays invisible but it can have a huge impact on performance. Haul-outs and cleaning regularly will keep the bottom from fouling. So be sure to keep the bottom of your boat’s hull clean and you will see a huge difference.

Many times having the boat professionally hauled and powerwashed is a good investment mid season, this ensures the bottom will stay clean and keep the performance up on your boat. 

Tune the Engine

Follow your engine’s maintenance schedule as recommended by the manufacturer is a no-brain way to increase the fuel efficiency of your boat and to keep it running at peak performance. This includes changing oil, filters, and spark plugs at adequate intervals.

Ensure Correct Prop

Selecting the correct prop for your boat is critical when it comes to ensuring fuel efficiencyIf the blades aren’t perfectly true, your boat’s prop won’t provide maximum thrust. If the blades have dings and nicks, you will experience efficiency-robbing turbulence.

Be sure to recondition the prop. Go for a test run with your boat loaded the way you want it to ensure the fitted prop does not allow the engine to exceed the recommended WOT (wide open throttle) rpm.

Avoid Idling

Idling consumes fuel even when it’s in neutral. Not only will the idling noise be a huge annoyance to those around you but it also produces toxic carbon monoxide (CO) fumes. So avoid excess idling if you want to save fuel.

Install a Fuel Flow Meter

A fuel flow meter networks with your display or instrument panel to tell you in real-time how much gas your engine is guzzling per hour.

This information can be used to accurately adjust the throttles as well as the trim to maximize fuel efficiency with changing sea and wind conditions.

A fuel sensor also shows the gallons consumed and gallons remaining. It also warns you when there are any engine or gear problems.


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