When it comes to the performance and efficiency of your boat, one of the most important aspects is the hull. Boat hulls come in all shapes and feature beds, grooves, lines, and more, to achieve peak performance, whether that goal is speed, balance, or reliability. A deep V-shaped hull is more stable and smooth but slower; a flat-bottom hull is fast but a little bit unpredictable.

In the early 1990s Regal Boats decided to tackle a problem that faced boat builders for years: the deeper the hull, the smoother the ride, but the more drag that was being created. This required a larger engine to propel the boat, decreasing efficiency. This led to the research and development team at Regal to create a hull design that would deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and ride quality.

Introducing The Regal FasTrac Hull

In 1997 Regal introduced the FasTrac Hull which gives the boater more control on the water, up to 25% faster speeds, and up to 30% better fuel efficiency.

The main principle behind the design of the Regal FasTrac was to decrease surface tension by reducing drag and friction, while it moves through the water at high speeds. This innovative new design includes a fuller beam step which forces air beneath the ship’s hull in order to reduce resistance and frictions when turning or changing direction as well as inverted strakes which allow it to track straight on waves without being rocked by them – making navigating tight corners easier than ever before! With these features working together seamlessly with one another, this revolutionary design allows Regal boats to be faster than any other equally sized boats on the market.

The award-winning hull design is built with 5 main characteristics:

Deep V-Shaped Hull

The shape of the hull, not the weight of the boat, is the most important factor when it comes to a boat that rides well. Regal’s FasTrac features a full-length deep-V-shaped hull, which helps even Regal’s smaller, lighter boats out-performance other brands.

Overstated Lifting Strakes

Strakes are the lines that run along the length of the hull, which are actually small flat areas that create lift and help with reducing drag. The FasTrac hulls incorporate carefully placed strakes that are slightly wider to gain an additional lift.

Full Beam Stepped Hull

Deep-V-shaped hulls create more wet surface area which increases drag. Regal incorporates a full beam mid-ship stepped design in the FasTrac hull that reduces that surface area, which reduces drag. This allows for increased fuel efficiency as well as vastly increased cruising and top speeds when compared to similar boats of competitors.

Reversed Chines

One of the highlights of the FasTrac Hull is the ability to turn smooth, sharp, and safely. The outside edges of the hull are created with a negative angle, allowing the boat to turn with amazing accuracy.

Extending Running Surface

The extended running surface help to lower bow rise and reduce the power needed to get the boat on plane. This greatly increases the efficiency of the boat.

When it comes to product development, Regal is in a class by itself, and the dedication to designing the FasTrac hull is a testament to its commitment to customer service and innovation. Their innovations have earned them 19 Customer Satisfaction Index awards in the past 7 years, but also ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Express Cruisers (24-33feet), Three Years in a Row” by JD Power and Associates.

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