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Barletta C24UC Review

The newest series in the Barletta Pontoon line with tons of standard features Barletta Pontoon‘s entry-level pontoon boat is perfect for the first-time boat buyer but comes packed with the same heavy-duty construction and attention to detail that you have come know from the Barletta L and E Class pontoons. Featuring the best pontoon structure…

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Proper Etiquette at the Boat Ramp

No matter whether you are a new boat owner or a seasoned veteran, you should follow proper etiquette at the boat ramp. When boaters congregate at the ramp, if somebody doesn’t follow these standard practices, or isn’t prepared, chaos can ensue. Often time when these rules aren’t followed, it creates a ripple effect, causing longer…

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How Many Outboards Do I Need?

Purchasing a boat is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are many factors involved in not only securing the proper funding, but there are many types, features, and options associated with a boat. One of the most important features of a boat is the engine: size, manufacturer, options, quantity, maintenance, inboard or…

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Regal 38 SAV Review

Regal installed a combination livewell/wine chiller on the new 38 SAV. That piece of equipment alone tells the story of what the 50-year-old builder is seeking to accomplish with this boat: A perfect mix of cruising attributes in a very fishable, open design. When Regal introduced its 33 SAV (Sports Activity Vessel) a couple years…

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Regal 35 Sport Coupe Review

With the 35 Sport Coupe line, Regal Boats has continually exceeded the standards of a mid-sized cruiser. The 35 Sport Coupe brings to an end the unfortunate situation of being out on your boat and the weather turning bad with its retractable roof, opening up the sky overhead. This allows you to enjoy your boat…

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Ten Reasons to Buy a Sea Fox

Sea Fox offers a full line of saltwater fishing boats – bay boats, dual consoles, center consoles, and walkarounds, ranging in size from 18 to 32 feet. Their boats are designed with advanced CAD techniques and include features such as premier stainless steel hardware, custom in-house crafted upholstery and interior, top of the line connectors,…

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Video Review: 2019 Regal LS6

Regal Boats continues to innovate and their LS6 is no different: a luxury-minded bowrider that offers fantastic watersport capabilities, powered by a Volvo Penta V8-350. This boat has plenty of seating in the cockpit and bow area, making the boat extremely comfortable for everybody, has large lockers, a stepped hull, and a beautiful, sleek profile….

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Video review: Regal 26 XO

Regal 26 XO Video Review With the 26 XO, Regal wanted to provide boaters with the option of outboard power on its 26′ Express cruiser. While very similar to its 26′ sterndrive model, the 26 XO has more stowage capacity because of the absence of the inboard engine, which provides this boat with more functionality….

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The All-New Regal 33 SAV

Never to be outdone, Regal Boats has unveiled their all-new 33 SAV boat this morning. This beautiful, versatile watercraft is a collaboration of features and options dedicated to becoming the ultimate go anywhere, action-packed model, perfect for any activity. This unparalleled versatility combined with premium luxury results in an ultimate do-it-all, outboard powered express cruiser….

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Regal 29 OBX Bowrider Review

Regal has historically been known for it’s under 42-foot sterndrive boat lineup, but with the Regal 29 OBX Bowrider, Regal has proven that they can build a boat with the best of them. This outboard-powered runabout – based on the 2800 – provides smooth running and reliable power, with a FasTrac hull design, slide-away seating,…

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Cold-water Immersion Tips

Boating can be one of the most exciting things that you ever do, but as the old saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Safety is something that simply cannot be passed over as a boat owner and rider. You need to make sure that you and your guests are safe, understand the risks…

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Boat Maintenance Tips

Boat expenses can creep up on you — storage fees, trailers, insurance, fuel, repairs, etc. Unfortunately, there are no ways around it, that is just the cost of doing business when you own a boat. Thankfully if you keep up a regular maintenance schedule on your vessel, you should be able to mitigate the cost…

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